NEAT July-August Interesting Objects

2000 PN8 = KTI8QF is a new Apollo Earth-crossing asteroid discovered with NEAT on 5 August 2000. The NEAT follow-up observation was on 6 August 2000. This object was moving more than 3 degrees/day with V ~ 19 mag. Follow-up observations were also performed at San Marcello Pistoiese (L. Tesi, A. Boattini, M. Tombelli), Loomberah (G. J. Garradd), Linz (E. Meyer), and Ondrejov (L. Sarounova). 2000 PN8 has an Earth-like orbit and is only about 170 m (0.1 mile) in diameter. Its a,e,i,q = 1.25, 0.22, 22, and 0.9799 (C. Hergenrother, MPC). It is not considered hazardous. A visualization of the 2000 PN8 orbit is shown, but please remember that scientific conclusions can not be drawn from this diagram.

KTGUPF = 2000 PK6 and its NEAT follow-up are shown. This is a Mars-crossing asteroid with a,e,i,q = 2.406, 0.435, 15.1, and 1.36. It is about 0.9 km (0.5 mile) in diameter (C. Hergenroth, MPC).

KTIY9B = 2000 PL6 is a Mars-crossing asteroid with a,e,i,q = 2.132, .316, 21.3, and 1.46. It is 4-9 km (2.5-5.5 miles) in diameter (C. Hergenroth, MPC).