NEAT June-July Interesting Objects

2000 NQ11 = KJGQ33 was discovered with NEAT on 8 July 2000. It is a new Amor Earth-approaching Near-Earth asteroid about 1/3 km (1/5 mile) in diameter. Follow-up observations from 8-16 July at Siding Spring (R. H. McNaught), Reedy Creek (J. Broughton), Table Mountain Observatory (B. Bozek, M. Hicks, K. Lawrence, Z. Thicksten), and Farpoint Observatory (J. Edmonds) led to the orbit and size determination. The orbital elements are a,e,i,q = 2.03, 0.36, 8, 1.2974 (G. Williams, MPC). Click here for an orbit visualization of this asteroid. ***Note that further orbit refinements pushed the q value over 1.3 AU, and pushed this object out of the Amor category.***

Comet 2000 K1 was detected with NEAT on 25 June 2000. This comet was discovered on 26 May 2000 and has a parabolic orbit that approaches no close to the Earth than beyond Jupiter. Notice the nebulosity identifying it as a comet.

2000KO44was detected with NEAT on 25 June 2000. It is a large, 1-2 km (1 mile) Amor Near-Earth asteroid discovered on 2000 May 30. It is not considered a hazardous object.