NEAT March-April Interesting Objects

The asteroid, JNF6GR = 2000 GH147, was discovered with NEAT on 12 April 2000. It was subsequently followed up by many observers worldwide, including J. Ticha, M. Tichy at Klet, P. Kusnirak at Ondrejov, M. Hicks, D. Deaver, at Table Mountain. This 1.5 km (1 mile) asteroid is unusual with a high-inclination (50 degrees), high-eccentricity (0.48) orbit that takes it from near Mars' orbit to inside Jupiter's. It is therefore an extinct comet candidate. A visualization of its orbit is available. Its orbital elements are: a, e, i, q= 2.95, 0.48, 50, 1.5405 (G. Williams, MPC).