NEAT April 2001 Interesting Objects

We discovered 2 Near-Earth asteroids with NEAT: 2 Amors including 1 > 1km. We also discovered a periodic comet-the first comet discovery with NEAT/Palomar.

Designat. NEAT name & Image Disc. with NEAT/ Date Vel. (deg/day) Mag. Size in km (miles) Orbit Visual. Comment*
2001 GS2 NE2XE1 MSSS 14 Apr 2.0 18 0.4. (0.25) orbit Amor
P/2001 H5 NHLMSNC Palomar 24 Apr 0.1 17 orbit Comet-- IAUC 7613-- with a 15-year period that takes it from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter to beyond Saturn
2001 HG31 NHN4GG MSSS 24 Apr 0.3 19 3.0 (1.8) orbit Amor-large

*Amors, Apollos, and Atens are the three categories of Near-Earth asteroids (NEAs). Amor asteroids approach the Earth's orbit from the outside, Apollo asteroids cross the Earth's orbit, and Aten asteroids approach the Earth's orbit from the inside. Potentially Hazardous asteroids (PHAs) are larger than ~200 m (0.1 mile) and approach close enough to present a potential hazard but not a current hazard.