IAUC No. 7122

6 March 1999

Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams


SUPERNOVA 1999am IN CGCG 60-009

G. Aldering and P. Nugent, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, on behalf of the Supernova Cosmology Project (SCP), report the discovery of a supernova (unfiltered mag about 17.8) on Feb. 18 UT as part of a joint collaboration between the SCP and E. Helin, S. Pravdo, D. Rabinowitz, and K. Lawrence (Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking project, Jet Propulsion Laboratory). SN 1999am is located at R.A. = 8h24m10s.88, Decl. = +12o06'58".6 (equinox 2000.0), which is 11" west of the center of CGCG 060-009. W. Kunkel (Carnegie Observatories) and M. Phillips (Carnegie Institution of Washington) report that a spectrum of the new object taken on Mar. 3 with the 2.54-m reflector at Las Campanas shows it to be a type-Ia supernova, nearly 3 weeks after maximum light at a redshift of about 12 000 km/s.

(C) Copyright 1999 CBAT

1999 March 6 (7122) Daniel W. E. Green